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the pleasure of walking to church with father. We amused ourselves with reading the sign board [[from?]]the store doors and came to the conclusion that this is a good [[dea?]] in a [[?]] notwithstanding what its [[?]][[person?]] says to the contrary.  for instance who would like to hear the name of [[Chentem?]] or [[B?]]  they must have been originally [[been?]][[bestowed?]] upon some [[dishonest?]] old fellows which [[?]] something & been [[given?]] for [[some?]] personal [[?]]
[[Lord?]] [[Napier?]] may [[go?]] [[forward?]] of his [[for?]]
[[many?]] for [[many?]] a [[time?]] it [[?]] [[strikethrough]] of [[strikethrough]] [[?]] been [[said?]] of some one of his [[ancesters?]] he [[?]][[Napier?]].  In return a [[?]] we [[never?]] [[joined?]] [[any?]]  Judge [[B?]] had a [[very]][[??]] & [[low?]] from Dr. [[R?]] [[?]][[he passed us?]] [[Gen Cass?]] was in church keeping [[??]] [[seating?]] [[?]] to Dr. [[?]] his [[p?]] having [[said?]] & [[show?]] [[of?]] [[the?]] [[the?]] [[President?]] [[was?]] also [[?]] with him which [[?]] Judge Campbell's [[??]] & [[from?]] [[had?]] captivated me I wish I could take his [[picture?]]
On Monday we had a lecture from Mr. [[Saxe?]] the poet. It rained hard all day but the clouds disappeared soon after sunset & a [[l?]] and [[?]]
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collected to hear the poet.  Through some mistake he did not arrive until some time after the hour appointed for the lecture.

Tuesday 21st
Called on [[the?]] Mr. [[Saxe?]] & his wife.  The poet on closer aquaintance we found very agreeable he is tall with florid complexion has a slight impediment in his speech his manners are frank & genial.  He said he was always perfectly contented if he pleased the very young & the very old people of his audience he knew the sentiments must be delicate & [[pure?]] that could win the admiration of young fresh hearts. while on his [strikethrough]][[other?]] [[hand?]][[strikethrough]] ideas could not be extravagant or absurd if approved by the old  & experienced.  In speaking of death he said [[then?]] [[Dr.?]] [[Wooley?]] one gloomy thought considered with the subject  He could not bear to think he might be separated from those he loved for ever [[strikethrough]] I [[trust?]] [[said?]] he [[?]] my own [[safety?]] in one greater than [[?]]
[[strikethrough]] He could trust in the [[?]] for his own
individual [[safety?]] but it was terrible to think that those he loved so dearly [[?]] [[might?]] never meet him in [[heaven?]] or even if they
did meet him their [[relations?]] might be changed it was a very [[disagreeable?]] [[thought?]] he said ^[[?]] at [[?]] wife the [[?]] that his chosen [[w?]]
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