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spent with his beloved sister in the study of art &
[[?]] thought the years passed in [[?]] until his
[[death?]] & the account of his last hours was touching
[[?]] the knowledge of his [[???]]& from his [[power?]]
for fear of troubling him.[[?]] for the [[??]]
refrained from [[telling?]]him of his approaching end [[?]]
[[?]][[notions?]] but [[ministered?]] relief.  [[??]]
makes [[?]] as his monument.  If the  [[??]]
he will [[??]] the [[worst?]] will surely [[?]]
Mr. Green.  The lecturer's description of [[?]]
was [[interesting??]][[strikethrough]] just what I should [[imagine?]] from his [[bust?]][[strikethrough]] He say the bust we have is a [[good likeness?]]
genial, gentle & earnest he moved among his [[pupils?]]
[[??]] the [[?]] & everything to [[future?]] effort.
Tuesday 28th [[???]] a [[French?]]
letter from Father.  Went with [[Ca??]] to [[Madam??]]
to [[?]] about [[French?]] lessons.
Wednesday 29th Went on with [[translations?]] [[?]]
all day.  Modeled [[?'s]] [[?]] in the
[[?]] of  bust.
Thursday 30th  He and Father with us all
this evening.  Moddeled his [[profile?]] in clay while
he read [[Th??]] to us.  His
seemed [[?]] be a [[little? nervous?]] & [[? unil?]]
first part of the evening but then [[?]]
of the poet [[??????]]
[[?]] of all [[???]] that [[? Much??]] of all [[????]]
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William J. Rhees
Jan. 27th Bryants Poems 2nd Ed.. 1847     R. Feb. 20 "
" "       Bullions Greek Gram. 38         R 
Feb 21th  Dred by Mrs Stowe.              R Mch 2
" "       Ida Norman by Mrs Phelps.       R  "
Mch 9th   Psalms of Life.                  
 "  17th  Lingards England (Brown)        R Mch 30
 "  "     Ernest Linwood                  R  "  18
 "  21st  The Hiden Path (Brown)         R  "  31
 "  28th  Napoleon at St. Helena (Brown)  R " Ap'l 11
Ap'l 4th  Anthons Roman Antiquities } (Brown)
 "   "      "     Grecian   "       
 "   8th  School Amusements               R " A 20
 "   11th Planters Northern Bride (Brown) R "   21
 "   22nd Bullions Latin Gram. (Brown)
May 5th   Willis' Poems (Brown)           R May 12 

that look.  I can not write the [[???]]
[[year?]] is nearly gone [[??? year?]]
[[??]] though the one that is the [[?]]
though it's [[?]] it's [[??]], it's [[?]]
[[?]] me to [[?]] the better [[??]] 
to [[?]] the better. & [[???]]
of the  [[?]] that [[is?]] past.
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