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[[red *]] Veery [[male symbol]] (S) in yd. Jays
[[red *]] Myrtle Ws.                       Thrasher
Doves                                      Titmice
Cardinals                                  Chickadees
Catbirds                                   Robins
Martins                                    Engl. Sps.
Ch. Swifts                                 Song Sps.
Mockers                                    Grackles
Starlings                                  2 Crows
[[red checkmark]]Hummingbird               H.Wren
[[red *]] Redwing [[male symbol]] in yd (ce)
Goldfinch                                  JE
4 Herring gulls je


5-10-65-Mon. 60[[degree symbol]]-91[[degree symbol]]
vacation ends! [[image-handdrawn sad face]]

cowbird [[female symbol]]                  H.Wren
Cardinals 3[[male symbol]]                 Jays
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2 Catbirds                        Grackles
Robins                            Eng. sparrows
Mockingbirds                      Downy [[male symbol]]
Starling                          2-3 Song sparrow
4 ch Swift                        Dove
Hummingbird [[male symbol]]

Partly cloudy - breeze 5-10 mph. 

[[red checkmark]]^2-3 Red-eyed vireos [[male symbol]]    Grackles
[[red *]] Blackpoll Ws.    Jays
[[red *]] 2 Crows          Starlings
[[red checkmark]]Wood Thrush nearby                      Doves
[[red checkmark]]Orchard Oriole [[male symbol]]          Song Sps.
[[red checkmark]]Yellow Warbler                          Engl. Sps.
[[red *]] Chipping Sp. [[male symbol]]                   Robins
Chickadees            Catbirds
Cardinals             Thrashers
Mockings              H.Wren
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