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16061 Rhodod. sp? shrub 5 - 6 ft. leaves thick leathery cinnamon
red beneath, wooly flowers white rocky slopes of Mt. Mitzuga west of Muli

16062 Larix sp? 40 - 60 ft, leaves very short; elev 11500 ft, Mt. Mitzuga west of Muli.

16063 Carapaua, prostrate shrub, very spiny elev. 15000 ft, flowers yellowish pink, western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga limestone rocks.

16064 Sorbus shrub or small tree 5 - 8 ft. flowers white west slopes of Mt. Mitzuga elev 13000 ft.

16065 Larix sp? same as 16062.

16066 Primula sp? along brooks, flowers deep purple calyx streaked white, alpine meadows elev. 12500 ft - 13000 ft. west Mt. Mitzuga.

16067 Liliac herb, flowers green spotted purple, alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga. elev. 12500 ft. Specimen given Swingle.

16068 Ranuncul. herb, flowers yellow, wet alpine meadows, Mt. Mitzuga elev. 12500 ft.

16069 Primula sp? flowers purple, alpine meadows Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 12500 ft. also in shaded forests.

16070 Salix sp? tree 15 ft. western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. elev. 11000 ft.