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flies were almost impossible. Here in Kingston we would be amazed to see so many flies, while out at Hope they seem to take it for granted.
The car ride was quite nice and one of these days I'll go to Papine to the terminus. It took an age to get there but that was because of the long walk through the gardens. I took the South Camp car [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] to Cross Roads, and changed to a Hope Gardens car.
When I arrived I found out that I had been asked to play tennis - which I hadn't understood. Then later on Mr. Edwards informed me that his car was broken down, and immediately Mr. Morrison offered to bring me down when his car should arrive. I accepted but had no idea it would be such a long while in coming. When his chauffeur did arrive it was almost 8 o'clock and the Edwards had insisted that we stay to dinner. Mrs. Edwards had said something to me about dinner over the phone but I still do not know whether I had been previously invited or not. As there were so many mix-ups to this point I felt that I should do my best to give as little trouble as possible, but the fact 

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remained that I was inwardly embarrassed about the whole thing. Mrs. Edwards was so charming in her invitation that I hardly had the heart to believe I was an uninvited guest (up to the point when Mr. Morrison was invited too) but then a good hostess would do her best to put a guest at ease. I don't suppose I shall ever know the truth of the matter, and like [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] many such moments they can easily be forgotten. It did manage to disturb my sleep tho' and I was most restless all night.
Mr. Morrison invited us all to go to the movies with him at the Gaiety, but I wasn't willing to put myself to any more obligations than I had already got into, so I quite firmly refused. Another reason for refusal was that I had not taken my key and I did not [[strikethrough]] have [[/strikethrough]] want to have to wake the family when I got back. As it was, most of the family had retired and only Mr. Moody was up.
There was a gentleman playing tennis with Mr. Edwards in the afternoon. I'm not sure of the name, I think it is Gordon. His wife came over later and the three ladies of us went over to see the orchids
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