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[[bold]] [[italics]] ON A PERSONAL BASIS by Bernice Peck [[/italics]][[/bold]]

ROYALTY, EVER SO HUMAN: You'll never catch me dipping a curtsy, no, but I do indeed admire the British Royal Family. That Diana, Princess of Wales, is turning out to be right smart of a future Queen. Beautiful. Stylish. Natural. Warm. Romantically in love. Obligingly fertile――and producing a boy on the first try. 
     The Prince himself, snapped leaving the delivery room,looked more frazzled than did the young mother after her 16 hours of labor. Which merely proves that this "caring-sharing experience" can be rough on a guy――be he prince, be he prizefighter. 
     As for good Queen Bess, now [[italics]] there's [[/italics]] a monarch who keeps her cool, even when she wakes up to find a male intruder nut sitting barefoot on her bed (a bad lot, that Michael Fagan). But didn't she get rid of him with neat and kindly dispatch?
     Yes, a nice bunch, the Royal Family, winningly human. Security in the palace, though, sounds almost as rotten as what we've got right here in the Colonies. 

MEN ON THE SCENT: Here, two quite special chaps speak out on women-plus-perfume. Enrico Donati says, "The word raffinée is the highest compliment the French can pay a woman. It means she is innately elegant, distinctive, polished ―― with an instinct for the exquisite. So her perfume should be the invisible expression of refined luxury." (His lady sounds [[italics]] lovely [[/italics]] to me.) Mr. Donati happens to own Houbigant Paris, so of course has the perfume to prove his point, the luxurious new [[italics]] Raffinée. [[/italics]] 
     Then, take my friend Joe, severest critic, personal tester and generally grudging with praise: "This one, this Raffinée, is uh, uh, intriguing. Warm, Smells wealthy. Inviting――but no Passion's Plaything like those hussy numbers you're always trying. You could say it has real, uh, charm." Joe may not state it as gallantly as does Mr. Donati, but it's good enough for me――I like to please.
    Actually, factually, the new Rafinée [[italics]] is [[/italics]] all refined luxury, wafting its floral-oriental richness like a zephyr, making a woman seem confidently [[italics]] feminine. [[/italics]] Romantic――you know? (And my guess is that Romantic, rather than Sexpot, is the next big trend). The packaging, too, quite jewel-like in ruby and gold, is rich, graceful. You can try Raffinée at Macy's. All things considered, the $75 an ounce price is it's one non-luxurious aspect.

THE CURVES: Farewell to summer and, I suppose, to those riveting beach-commercials for diet soft drinks. What bodies! You didn't see them [[italics]] that [[/italics]] good before the fitness craze produced a new combination ―― smaller measurements, but more fully packed, and curved in all the nicest places.
     It's bodies like those that are meant to wear what our Young Leader has come up with for Fall '82. Yves Saint Laurent has put aside his chemises, blousons and the looser like, all in favor of Fit. Lots of Fit. Almost everything is curving in at what had better be a teeny weeny waist, and curving out (allure! allure!) above and below. [[italics] Feminine [[/italics]] is the very word. 
     And he surely covers a woman with luxury――the sequins, the beads, the feathers, the sumptuous, splendid fabrics. Glorious stuffs when worn by a heavenly body with a few natural curves of its own. 

R-E-E-E-A-L-Y BIG: In Tokyo an audience of 15,000 wore Kansai T-shirts as their admission "tickets" to that hot designer's fashion show――this, necessarily held in a giant stadium. It was chock full of surprises, including the troupe of 50 small children who accompanied one model on the runway――[[italics]] they [[/italics]] wore nothing but headbands. (How quaint――Little League in the buff, sort of.) Kansai, who sells to stores in our U.S., says his dream now is to present his work at radio City Music Hall. It is certain to be different. □    
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Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined 
That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.
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17 mg. "tar", 1.4 mg. nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC method.
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