Douglas E. Evelyn photograph and ephemera collection - NABISCO Straight Arrow cards, 1949-1952

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Help up transcribe "NABISCO Straight Arrow cards, 1949-1952" (Photo folder 1-3) from the Douglas E. Evelyn photograph and ephemera collection. Please note, we are only seeking transcriptions of the text within these collections. Please do not describe the images. This project contains 42 NABISCO Straight Arrow cards, produced by NABISCO, and packaged in NABISCO Shredded Wheat boxes. These cards were produced in sets of 36 per year for the years 1949 to 1952, were marketed towards children, and depict outdoor activities as romanticized constructions of American Indian identity and life. Language on the cards states the following: "This Injun-uity Manual will help you be resourceful in the woods, in open country, at home, in school, in play, and at work. This manual was prepared by Fred L. Meagher, Indian illustrator and authority, for NABISCO Shredded Wheat." Examples of outdoor activities include Indian Bow Making, Archery, Help Signals, Tracking Game, Points of a Horse, Indian Dances, Fire Prevention, and many more.

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