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Book One
Straight Arrow 

How to teach your Pal to Kneel and Pray

Straight Arrow taught Fury to bow by first tying a rope to Fury's halter, then passing it between his front legs, up his right shoulder and across his withers, (See card No. 28) Straight Arrow then pulled on the rope which exerted downward pressure on Fury's withers and at the same time brought his head down. By bending Fury's left leg with his left hand while continuing to pull on the rope and repeating the word "KNEEL"
Fury knelt

He then rewarded Fury with words, paths and a carrot. He repeated this practice many times at frequent intervals until Fury would kneel without the pull of the rope.

From the kneeling position Straight Arrow taught Fury to pray by continuing the pull on the rope and repeating the word "PRAY". A rope is used to help put a horse in position until he learns what his master wants him to do.

Straight Arrow helped Fury to bow without the aid of the rope by touching him on the withers and knees with a whip.

Squeeze and push down on the withers
Push head down
Fold front legs under
Straight Arrow taught his dog to bow and pray using the same commands, but exerting pressure with his hands instead of the rope. You can teach your horse or dog tricks such as lying down, sitting-up, etc., in much the same manner

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