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[[strikethrough]] WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
8th Day  Battle of New Orleans 1815   358 Days to come

a spark anyway as much as from using an idea in art as a means to using his material with swell technique. He is a wonderful example of the [[strikethrough]] fact saying [[/strikethrough]] fact that "genius is [[strikethrough]] an [[/strikethrough]] the infinite capacity for taking pains" does not apply to art. He has that genius if anyone has - but he isn't a creative artist - & never [[strikethrough]] will [[/strikethrough]] could be. From there we dined out - & talked about everything as usual - & then went to my studio where we talked more & more, & had sherry - & stayed until 5. A.M. We ended up feeling we [[strikethrough]] l [[/strikethrough]] still hadn't seen enough of each other - he did anyway - & I think I did too. He said he felt that Evening was about as wonderful as the first night we went out a year ago when I had my straw hat on. He loves me too much now I think sometimes - but probably that's only when he is with me, & so that is the only [[strikethrough]] part [[/strikethrough]] attitude I see:  [[strikethrough]] That is [[/strikethrough]] It

[[strikethrough]] THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
9th Day    357 Days to come
seems all so long ago that I have half forgotten [[strikethrough]] what [[/strikethrough]] all I had to say about that evening. I get off the boat tomorrow, and am very tired from staying up until 4 P.M. The last two nights with a Canadian aviator - aged 28 - named Tim Sims.  He [[strikethrough]] look [[/strikethrough]] got off at Plymouth so I feel lonely tonight.  He didn't speak to me until two days ago - but since then we have become fast friends - & I think we will see each other again. He has wonderful dependable manners so that one can relax with him the way one can with Virn - & instinctively feel dependent & trusting about any move he makes - & he actually makes moves in a thoughtful way, which is a rare treat. [[strikethrough]] He [[/strikethrough]] By "moves" I mean he knows [[strikethrough]] up [[/strikethrough]] a drunk man is about to sit at our table, [[strikethrough]] & [[/strikethrough]] so he takes him away with great tact, & he knows just the wine to order, & always wants to do what [[strikethrough]] you're [[/strikethrough]] one is in the mood for - but learns what that is through suggestions instead of questions. These are

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