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[[strikethrough]] OCTOBER [[strikethrough]] 
Isle de France  
cont  (Nov 22nd)
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and no masseuse on board.  These revelations proved the boat to be French, aside from its caviar, & the result was that I together with several of the ladies, submitted myself to be given a turkish bath & massage almost daily.  He was overcome by the amount of Toxin in my legs, because only old ladies have such bad circulation as that, & as he massaged he breathed in, & out, & in, & out, with each stroke of admirable technique.  He told me what cloth-es to wear - & [[strikethrough]] alto [[/strikethrough]] his diploma on the wall said that he had graduated with a "très Bien" record - & altogether I was deeply amused & deeply admiring.  A Dr Jansson, & handsome wife spoke to me because Dr Hugh Auchincloss had cabled them to.  They were in tourist, but lived in 1st, & never asked me to a meal, nor would come to one with, me, but I was much impressed with Dr A's thoughtfulness.  I saw a movie about a French expedition from India to Peking, & such photography as I've never seen.  [[strikethrough]] Th [[/strikethrough]] All the glimpses it gave were too short, & the movie

[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
Nov 23
11th Day  Alexander Hamilton-Born 1757   355 Days to come

Paris!  I went to the Jardin des Plantes at Dickie's wise suggestion to see the Museum of Animal Sculpture.  He had told me he could barely fit me in to tea - & with that, & the fact that [[strikethrough]] that whereas [[/strikethrough]] I got there to find the Musée was closed, I was furious at him even before seeing him.  I wandered around the Jardins [[strikethrough]] zoo [[/strikethrough]] thinking this is Paris's zoo - & later he told me it was the lousiest of three.  I froze looking at the animals - whose colors curiously [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] were much richer than in any English or U.S.A. zoo.  Whether [[strikethrough]] this was [[/strikethrough]] because of the cold their fur was roughed up, or whether it was from dirt, I don't know.  A beautiful blackish deer was the best, animal there - the same breed at Pon Pons, but aside from that the zoo was filthy & smelly, & all the beasts were cold, but [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] very good specimens.  I then went to the Musée de Luxembourg where Pon Pons polar bear & small bronzes, & two figures of Jane Poupelet's, & a small green bronze negroid girl's head by Anna [[?]] - stand out as the most beautiful

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