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October 15th, 1937

Dear Hugh:

I hope you had a safe trip to Florida and that you have recuperated from the strain of too much traveling and the excitement of our great city.

Regarding now your Cuban trip, I have searched high and low for my Havana file and God only knows it has been somehow misplaced. However, there is one chance that it has gotten into some papers I have in a wooden case down in the cellar which I am having brought up tonight and shall go through. I shall rush to you the necessary information in a day or so.

I have no address for our friend, Lara, but inasmuch as he is quite well known in Havana, I am sure you can get his whereabouts either at the hotel or through the Yacht Club secretary.

As to the hotels, I prefer the Sevilla-Biltmore, opposite the Nacional The latter is more beautiful, but so far out of the way and frequented by every American tourist, whereas the Sevilla-Biltmore is in the heart of the town, a stone's throw from the Prado and the other main drags.

Inquire at the hotel about a beautiful little restaurant which is on the Prado, very near the hotel, called El Patio, and don't miss going to one of the loveliest evening places in the world, The Beau Sejour (it might be the Mon Repos) which is located behind the Havana Yacht Club in a palm garden, and perfectly beautiful. For less formal evening entertainment the cafes on the Prado are most amusing. One sits out on the sidewalk sipping one's drink and watching the crowds go by, and listening to the various male or female orchestras.

Don't miss seeing the mulatto dances which are held in El Vedado almost by the Yacht Club. The place where they dance is called Las Fritas. If you go there you will find a whole street with small cafes, bistros, etc. The one on the corner near the main highway is the one where all the tourists go and the one furthest away is really an eye-full, but if you go up there be sure that the police is around and beware of being gypped. I would advise you to go to this latter place with a Cuban escort who knows his way about and can talk to them.