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Washington Sept 25th 1865
Respectfully referred to Brig Gen Swayne Asst Comsr & c whose attention is invited to the condition of affairs in the interior of Alabama, as within represented. Please return this paper with remarks.
By order of 
Maj Gen Howard Coms'r
(Sd) Max Woodhull
Asst Adj't Genl 
Office Assistant Commissioner
B.R.F. & A.L. 
Montgomery, Ala Oct 5th 1865
Respectfully returned
This Bureau has an agent at Talladega, Rev R.P. Cilley Chaplain 2nd U.S. Cavy regt, who is believed to be faithful & intelligent, and to whom Bvt Brig. Gen Chrysler, commanding there (by whom the agent was nominated) is believed to render every assistance. The two have at least the merit of having provoked great complaint of oppression in behalf of the freedmen from the people of that region.

A copy of the within letter of attestation, will be sent to Gen Chrysler for report, and an officer now on a tour of inspection will be directed to visit Talladega before he returns. At the date of the within a large number of destitute freedmen men was fed and cared for by the Government at Talladega 
(Sd) Major Swayne 
Brig Gen & Asst Coms'r


4  B.R.F.& A.L.  1865
Endorsement on request of S.S. Gardner Asst Supt. that charges against Owen Tully Co "H "47't. Ill. Inftry be withdrawn (one enclosure)

Head Quarters District of Montgomery 
Montgomery Ala. Oct 6th 1865
Respectfully returned as requested.
By order of 
Maj. Gen Henry E. Davies 
(Sd) Jas B. Comstock
Asst Adjt Genl
Office Assistant Commissioner 
BR.F & A.L.
Montgomery Ala. Oct 6th 1865
Respectfully transmitted 
By order of Brig Gen. Swayne

5 B.R.F & A.L. 1865
Endorsement on Copy of communication of T.M. Goodfellow 
See E.M No 3. 

Office Assistant Commissioner 
B.R.F & A.L.
Montgomery Ala. Oct 6th 1865
Respectfully ref'd to Brig Gen M.H. Chrysler Comdg U.S. Forces at Talladega with the request that he will return this paper with his views of the condition of affairs in the Talladega District.
(Sd) Major Swayne 
Brig Gen. & Asst Coms'r

6 B.R.F. & A.L. 1865
Endorsement on communication of W. A Kobbe, Capt. &c

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