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| Sam Sturtevant Col and Jno P Billingsly Wh V.S. Clem Phillips W | Wadesboro April 9th 68 Complains that he bought a Cow of John P Billingsly (whit) over a year ago and paid for her that J.P. Billingsly bought this cow from Mrs Betsy Smuthers 18 Mos ago and paid for her. That on last Sunday night (Apr 5th) after dark Clem Phillips (as per statement of Mr Jos Sikes) took this cow from Sam Sturtevants enclosure and took her to his home some ten miles away. Clem Phillips is the father of Betsy Smothers & Claims that his daughter had no claim to this cow yet Phillips knew all the time this cow was in JP Billingslys possession | C. Phillips is comming to this office on Saturday  JP Billingsly  Clem Phillips claims that his daughter M Smothers wrote to him that Sneed sold the cow and had never pay'd him for her.  JP Billingsly states he will write to Mrs S to know who the cow belong to |

| Tom Horn Col VS. Luilla Sinclair W | Wadesboro April 9th 68 Complains that S Sinclair refuses to settle with him for labor performed in 1866 as per contract. [[?]] Sinclair says in my presnse in an excited way to Tom [[?]] & I will settle this month afterwards. I informed him if any violence is used in future on Tom Horn I will hold him responsible. | April 8 1868 Wrote to S Sinclair to report to this office on Friday 10 eving  Parties reported. S Sinclair brings amt agst Tom for Tax 2. amt agst Tom money [[?]]  Amt agst Tom 3 1/2 bush potatos 5.07  Tom's share of cotton 45 at [[?]]  Tom's share of cotton 9.90 - 5.07 = Due Tom $4.83 |

| Mahala Sinclair col VS. Sampson Teel W | Wadesboro April 10th 68 Complains that she worked for S Teel three months in 1867 (was cook) his daughter was hurt by carrying straw over the temebling rod  14th S T rept states he will settle with Mahala & he will give her whatever is right and he will pay her (good natured) | April 10th 68 Wrote to S Teel to settle with Mahala at fair rates & if they can't agree to report to this office. 13th.  Evening. S.T. did not rept made her pay $6.00 |

| Wilson Hough Col V.S. Leonard Martin W | Wadesboro April 10th 68 Complains that L. Martin owes him for work performed in 1866 $25. 2 Suits Clothes.  LM writes that WH has never asked him for settlement. Is ready to settle with him if he will call | April 10th 1868 Wrote to L Martin, to pay Wilson the amt claimed or report to this office on Tuesday 14th inst |

| Joseph Staton Col VS Edwin D Ingram W  Jack | Wadesboro NC Apr 11th Complains that his son Frank (Minor) has not rec'd his pay for labor performed in 1867. Claims that $6.00 & hat Blanket pr Shoes Coat pr Pants Shirt | April 11th 1868 Wrote to E.D. Ingram to pay up the contract or report to this office on Monday 13th 68  EDI reports acknowledge claim + states he is poor but will let J Staton have provision |

| Aaron & Peter Little col vs Wm Little Wht.  Aaron Little settle up Aaron Little owes WL $3.71  | Wadesboro April 11th Complains that they are having difficulty with Wm Little and that because Aaron + W Little has had in difficulty Wm Little threatens to throw Peter out of Wboro.  Rept to this office 16th Thursday | Apr 11th 68 Wrote to W. Little to report his settlement with Aaron to this office. Also if he and Peter are to have a settlement for this agreement it must be made at this office unless he and Peter can arrange this matter satisfactorily |
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