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I would like to assure you again that if you decide to go to Stephens that you will get very wonderful treatment and no interference. Tom and Rita Benton are very enthusiastic about the chances of your coming out so don't have any qualms whatsoever about going into the state of Missouri rather than the state of Kansas if that works out to your better advantage. 

I find that Wood's name is James M. Wood and he should be addressed at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. Your letter should reach him well before the first of May. I don't believe I would attempt to discuss things with him in this letter but either give him your address or make some definite appointment for a meeting with him in New York. 

I hope you will not think that I am interfering too much in your business. I would like very much to see you out in this region and that is the reason for all this scurrying around. I take it that you are going out to Kansas this summer to see your folks and Sara and I want to remind you that we are expecting you and your family to be our guests for as long as you can stay. We are looking forward to it. 

Grant Wood