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June 3 1944

Today or rather tonight is Saturday night and I'm the duty officer which means that I have to stay in the hut all night and not sleep or sleep dressed and care of whatever happens (nothing happens) and keep awake the guards. I found a New Yorker of April with my drawing of Africa, the second serie. This serie looks very poor and one of the drawings is not understandable (the one with the line entering the hut with the movies - it shows the navy moviehouse where the priority was the following: sailors and soldiers U.S., British soldiers, Frenchmen and last Italian prisoners - They didn't put the caption so is not clear at all and too big anyway) My italian drawings are good but I don't know wether they are actual, I don't think they'll publish them. 

Civita wrote me about the book again. As I told you I want to make it out of wardrawings and call the whole book something like "c/o Postmaster" or similar. He says it cannot stand only of that sort of drawing, wants to mix it with usual cartoons. I'm tired of the book and been tired of it for months now. I think the best is just to wait again. I'll probably take a decision when the Italian drawings will be finished (I still work on them). I thought seriously of your note about Civita.