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all the debts of the corporation, collecting all the accounts, and delivering to you the entire stock of the company, free of every financial obligation.

I also said that if any of their present employees should prove to be of value to the new corporation that you would, perhaps, be willing to consider re-engaging such as might be valuable, but that you would not bind yourselves at the beginning in any manner to re-employ any person or persons; all of which seemed entirely agreeable to Mr. Smith.

I must add that I am very much surprised at the amount of money the Monarch Company has made during the last two years, and at their prospect for the present year. Surely, if to this amount is added the earnings of the Equipment Company and the Sterlingworth Company, the total future profit of your proposed company will be larger than was contemplated in our talk of yesterday.

If I can be of any further service to you in your negotiations with Mr. Berry, or any other local interests, I will be pleased to serve you.

Very truly yours, 
Charles L Freer

Mr. Smith has just handed me his letter enclosed herein and in speaking of their orders now in hand said that the majority of them are for solid beams.