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16321 Leontopodium sp? southern slopes of Mt. Jambiyang Mt. Konka, 16500 ft on muddy scree. 

16322 Caragana flowers pink, a much branching shrub, western slopes of Sheurezig, elev. 15400 ft Mt. Konka. 

16323 Primula sp? flowers blue, leaves white beneath. western slopes, of Sheurezig, Mt. Konka, elev. 15400 ft. 

16324 Primula sp? flowers pink, growing in large clumps on banks and in scree, elev. 15600 ft. southern cliffs of Jambiyang, Mt. Konka 

[[Curly Bracket encapsulating 16324 & 16325 notations]] Probably sent out only as 16324

16325 Primula sp? same as 16324. but from western slopes of Sheurezig Mt. Konka 15400 ft. 

16326 Primula sp? flowers purplish pink, leaves serrate, in gray clayey banks western slopes of Mt. Sheurezig elev. 15400 ft in shade of Rhododendron scrub. Mt. Konka. 

16327 Composite sp? flowers yellow, alpine slopes meadows same locality as 16326.

16328 Primulac. herb flowers pink, on rocky peaks east of Shanandodji elev. 16300 ft. on boulders. Mt. Konka. 

16329 Daphne sp? shrub 2 ft, flowers white and pink, forests of Tseugu gomba elev 14400 ft. Mt. Konka, north eastern slopes of Mt. Sheurezig. 

16330 Primula sp? flowers reddish pink same loc. as 16329.