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16371 Primula sp? flowers rich reddish purple, cushion plants at 16500 ft elev. among rocks, summit of Yaka pass, Mt. Konka. 

16372 Cushion plant, flowers white same locality as 16371. 

16373 Pedicularis sp? flowers white alpine meadows Mt. Shanandodji Mt. Konka, 15700 ft. elev.

16374 Leguminous herb, same loc. as 16373. flowers yellow. 

16375 Pedicularis, flowers purple, same loc. as 16373. 

16376 Allium sp? flowers wine-colored in gravelly stream Batru manyi valley eastern slopes of Shanan-dodji, Mt. Konka, elev. 16000 ft. 

16377 Liliac. flowers greenish yellow in loose screes, cliffs of Batru manyi valley, Shanandodji, elev 16500 ft. Mt. Konka. 

16378 herb, flowers blue and white in wet muddy gravel same loc. as 16377.

16379 Corydalis, flowers yellow same locality 
+a    as 16377. 

16380 Saussurea? in loose gravel same loc. as 16377. elev. 16500 ft. 
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