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- II -

Karl Lehmann-Hartleben
E. A. Lowe
D. Randal-MacIver

Leonardo Olschki

Georg Swarzenski

[[All of the above are bracketed together in pencil with the word 'Inset']]

Sigrid Undset          Norway

Milton V. Anastos      Rumania

Langdon Warner         Siam (Thailand), Japan, Korea

Wilhelm Koehler        Tunisia (in part)

Olov R. T. Janse       Indo-China

Robert Heine-Geldern   Netherlands East Indies

Ashton Sanborn         Editorship and checking of certain

Eleanor Vorhees        Assistance in checking and
                       multiplying lists
 (through George Stout)

III. [[underline]] Manual of Conservation, etc., in the Field [[/underline]]
W. G. Constable        Editor and writer in part

G. L. Stout            Adviser

Murray Pease         )
Stephen V. Grancsay  )
Robert C. Murphy     )
Walter Hauser        )
Prentice Duell       ) Special sections
Evelyn Ehrlich       )
William  Young       )
Hugh Hencken         )
F. P. Orchard        )
Mrs. Jean Page Reed  )

IV. [[underline]] Special Assistance in Compiling Lists of Personnel [[/underline]]

William Emerson        With Charles Butler
                            W. H. Harrison
                            Julian E. Berla
                            H. D. Chandler
                            Lawrence Hill

William Jackson

Walter Cook
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