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Antigua 33.

After lunch I rode out to the Antigua Sugar Factory to see Mr. Moore. Found him working on a drawing of some new machinery. Although he is employed as a chemist he seems to do quite a bit of machine design and construction. This Plant has a capacity of 60,000 lbs^[[(?)]] a day (for comparison [[strike through]][[Vaulkley?]] [[/strike through]]Caymanas in [[strike through]] Barbados [[/strike through]] Jamaica is 20,000) and does all its own shop work,-casting, welding, even designing. The crop ends in July and then the plant is completely dismantled, every bearing checked, every part cleaned. New units are also installed during the fall.
We went up to the [[underline]] Lynophaga [[/underline]] a lab, where a young negro demonstrated the method of work, The borers are brought in from the fields infested (naturally or artificially) with flies, raised in cane tops till the flies emerge; these are then mated, the fertile females incubated for 13 days, then anaesthetized; the entire uterus is then dissected out in saline solution, and the maggots (30-80) liberated directly; these are then planted directly onto the backs of more borers (2 to each)which they parasitize; the adult fertile females are liberated in comparatively small numbers in the cane fields. I didn't find out if there is any check on
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the actual results, except that dead canes are seldom found now where as they were exceedingly abundant before. Presumably the number of infested sections of cane has  also dropped since introduction of the parasite.
I asked Mr. Moore to compare British + American cars (he owns a British one). He said there is no comparison of cars of the same price. English at 9-12 HP., American at 25-50 HP.; no English car can stand the treatment of even the roads here; English cars' lifetime only a fraction of the Americans'. He said that the British put more attention to body work. His car which costs about $1800 can scarcely compete with even the lowest priced American (or English Ford) cars.
I asked him about cm^[[3]] vs cc.. He said that the cm^[[3]] is being more and more used in chemical journals, - the [[underline]] modern [[/underline]] form.
After dinner Ruth and Mrs. Mason and Mr. Frost wanted to play bridge, so I had to join them. Three rubbers took us from 8:15 to 11:20. They were very slow and rather uninteresting. Everyone seemed to be slightly abstracted or something. When we finally went to bed, the sky was fairly clear, but a real thunderstorm overtook us before morning.      

Transcription Notes:
cm [superscript 3] means cubic cm

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