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You will have to excuse me for being so prolific this evening! I've been doing so much napping on the canoe, etc. that I'm not yet even faintly sleepy though it is getting late.
Another yangona - another cigarette - and what shall I find tomorrow?
If I had more time I think I would try a sail to the limestone remnants in the Argo Reefs (Dana's stage "H") - [[underlined]] that [[/underlined]] might really give us the "crowning touch". But it simply [[underlined]] can't [[/underlined]] be considered - a long & somewhat dangerous trip I fear (because of its length). The people here visit these reefs for fishing but they can tell me nothing of the islands. The Argo Reefs are tremendous things, as you know - anyway, Aiwa will be just about as good. If only these sporadic rains & high winds will cease!
To bed! - and I shall probably
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dream of finding granites & lower Palezoic fossils on Oneata! 
Oneata, July 30th
Dear Ed -
Have had a very good day. Started at quarter to six & ran a couple of thousand paces around the west end of the island before being stopped by high tide. The western tip is a sand flat but basalts, showing banding (flow structure?) occur on the NW coast - then hard, cavernous gray & pink lss.
After breakfast I took 60' of colored movies. Got 2 girls (grown), 2 little girls & a small boy - all decked out in their loudest sulus. Tried to make them act natural but with only fair success. Took the lagoon, the village, beach scene, flowers around house, an Ongea canoe departing,